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Viser innlegg fra juni, 2023

NTNU AMOS - 10 remarkable years

Today we celebrated 10 remarkable years and the closure of NTNU AMOS, the Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems. Here is my opening remarks. Ladies and gentlemen, Today, we gather to celebrate a remarkable milestone in research and innovation. For a decade, NTNU AMOS, the Centre for  Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems , has pioneered groundbreaking scientific endeavors. As a center of excellence established by the Norwegian Research Council, it has been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of knowledge and technology in autonomous marine operations.   Reflecting on NTNU AMOS, we recognize the immense value that research centers like this bring to society.  The Centre of Excellence scheme , initiated by the Research Council of Norway, provides a platform for our finest researchers to pursue ambitious scientific objectives through collaboration and long-term funding. These centers serve as innovation hubs, tackling complex problems that demand interdisciplinary rese